Broadcasting of the N°0 of Priorité Succès: the programme's text message inboxes explode

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TV watchers made Priorité Succès' text message boxes exploded Wednesday, July 04, 2007 during the broadcasting of the N°0 of the programme. More than 150 text messages and about 50 calls  were received from watchers who thought the programme was live. So they were a great number from  South to North  and from East to West wishing to have their say by answering the day's question: "What do you think of President Boni Yayi's education policy?" They also wanted to express their support for the new born in the Beninese media programmes landscape. We give here some of the reactions to the quesitons.

Boni Yayi's policy in education, particularly the decision to make primary school free of fees, is part of his will to abide by the law of the land which formally provide for that in its Article 13. Boni Yayi has just taken power and I am sure he will do a lot for the education of the youth. He is the best President the country has ever known.

2. Macaire BOVIS
I congratulate the Head of State for his effort regarding the sector of education. To give him a hand I think we must make out the basic ideology of our education system. Without a clear knowledge of that ideology we risk to have people who are well instructed and not necessarily people who are well educated.

3. Katia
It is a good policy by the President must back it up financially.

4. Solange Covo
 The President's policy is very good because it allows the poorest social class to have access to education for a better future. Thanks

5. Jelus Folly
In my opinion it is a good policy for it already produces changes in the country.

6. Chasen
It looks like sheer improvisation. We cannot build an emerging country with people who only bear primary school certificate.  Also if the condition of part time teachers is not reconsidered, making school free of fees would mean nothing.

7. Edgard Dossou, from Hinvi
It is a good policy but I would like to know whether the decision to make schools free of fees is decreed and written down in our Constitution.

8. Grégoire Gnansounou
Good policy. But community teachers are not paid 12 months a year.

9. Gilles Bessan
It is a very good policy but we should sleep on our laurels for a lot still remains to be done.

10. Odilon Akpdo, from Tchaourou
It is a good policy except for teachers' strike.

11. Saturnin Ago
The President's policy regarding education is good, but it is yet to become consistent. To get there it is necessary to solve the problems of teachers and developing education in local languages.

12. Patrick Kpinsoton
The President must revise the school curricula with those who are concerned.

13. Anonymous
I think President Boni Yayi wants to win back for Benin the nickname “Quartier Latin d'Afrique” which we are gradually losing in this country, Benin.
Séraphin Nouwé de/from Savalou (Centre du pays /center of the country)
Very good decisions. Things will be better with the satisfaction of teachers' claims.
Ibrahim Abdoul Hakimou de / from Djougou (Nord du pays / North of the country)
Yayi's policy is to make of the Beninese school a scientific school.

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